PiNA is open to ideas, suggestions and calls from individuals, (in)formal groups, organisations, institutions, offices and more. We invite all who strive for social change to participate, support our programmes and projects, share your excitement, enthusiasm, and ideas and help us spread the word about our activities.



PiNA needs a wide network of professional co-workers, who use their knowledge and skills to better the quality of our programmes and activities and achieve our goals. We regularly post calls for co-workers in the news section.

Become our volunteer
PiNA is an accredited youth volunteering organisations which enables us to host youths to perform volunteering projectys where volunteers implement activities in the field of multimedia, international project work, youth work.
If you would like to become an volunteer, send us your CV and motivation letter to

Visit us at our workplace
PiNA offers support to projects, programme leaders and managers from Slovenia and abroad who would like to gain new knowledge, skills and competences in order to improve their professional skills.
If you would like to perform a programme of learning mobility for individuals send us a cooperation invitation to


PiNA is a team who knows policies, theories, programmes and good practices in the field of youths, participation, minorities, life-long learning, creativity and European cooperation. Our varied co-workers are driven by a joint cause to enable the development of critical and responsible society in the local, regional, cross-border and international environment. We work with organisations and people with whom we share values and principles; in our work, we focus on the goals of the partnership and the effects it has on the environment and society.

Use our expert knowledge and experience in the field of leadership
PiNA introduces an interdisciplinary approach and expert knowledge into partnerships with the help of their employees and a wide web of co-workers. We use our experience in the field of leadership and international projects and programmes coordination to ensure proper implementation, thorough and adequate planning, administration, execution, monitoring and evaluation of set activities.

Take a swim in our pool and use other facilities with we have at our disposal
The pool of our trainers – who are constantly improving themselves in informal educational techniques – bring our partners knowledge and skills for appropriate planning, execution and evaluation of the learning processes. Our training work brings freshness and innovation to our partnerships, broadening their knowledge and strengthening their skills in the field of informal education. Partnerships can also be built on the basis of ideas and content with which others would like to fill the space at our disposal.
Send your initiatives for cooperation to or to one of our co-workers directly.


PiNA rents its space and equipment for free to non-governmental organisations and individuals to perform non-profit activities compatible with its own field of operation.

Hire our trainers
PiNA performs informal educational activities with its co-workers in Slovenia and abroad, in the field of project management, finances, active participation, social inclusion and multimedia creation. You can find basic information about trainers, methods of work and a price list by clicking here. For more information contact us at

Ask our multimedia services
PiNA as a multimedia centre performs services of recording, editing and production of audio-video material. You can find basic information about services and a price list by clicking on “services”. For more information contact us at

Rent our space
PiNA owns and manages an event space and an audio-video studio. You can find basic information and the method and terms of rental by clicking here. For more information contact us at

Rent our equipment
PiNA has at its disposal some audio-video equipment which can be rented by units for a number of working days. You can find basic information about the equipment and the method and terms of rental by clicking here. For more information contact us at