Learning Map

Creating and developing a web tool and adult education method to map, monitor, evaluate and recognize skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired in learning by adult learners and adult educators in informal, non-formal and formal ways.

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Preservation and valorisation of multi-ethnic cultural heritage through inclusive cultural and creative tourism. Improve the employability and participation of the members of different ethnic groups in Slovenian society.

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Burnt in memories

With the awareness of young people in particular, the project aims to recall the relationship between war destruction and local identities, exceed national and intercultural conflicts, collective guilt and intolerance.

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The project WE ARE ALL MIGRANTS is a response to the migration challenges, the multiculturalism of our society and the inappropriate rhetoric in relation to the migrants. Therefore, the project aims at raising the awareness regarding the contribution of migrants to our society.

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Network of Democratic Citizenship Schools

The project encourages a participatory and active citizenship. Its aim is to establish a Network of participatory democratic schools and a schools’ participatory referential scale.

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Equality for Change

The project deals with the area of gender equality with emphasis on overcoming stereotypical roles and empowering women in the field of multimedia tool use.

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Healthy Istria Day

>We hope this project will promote better health in the community, the development of local businesses and sustainability, by encouraging the production, sale and use of high-quality, locally-grown food.

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European HUB Model for Socially Responsible Young Entrepreneurs

Creating a EU HUB model we want to contribute to fighting youth unemployment through encouraging youths towards Social Youth Entrepreneurship (SYE).

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